Application of SURO membrane system in a solid waste disposal site

Project introduction

The landfill leachate treatment plant adopts the international advanced combined process of "external MBR (two-stage biological denitrification) + two-stage nanofiltration/reverse osmosis". The treatment scale is 500m3 /d, and the treated effluent meets the national emission standard. The project adopted SURO NF30-8040 membrane elmemnt and replaced the original imported nanofiltration membrane products. Since its installation and operation in June 2018, the nanofiltration membrane system has maintained a good CODcr removal rate while operating at a lower energy consumption.

The process flow

The process flow of on-site waste osmotic treatment is shown in the figure below.

Apply product and membrane component parameters

Model Output/Set Membrane Flux Recovery Rate System Rejection(%) Operating Pressure 
SURO NF30-8040500m³/d18.0LMH85%>92%0.6MPa

Nanofiltration membrane water production standard discharge

After landfill leachate is treated, it meets table 3 of Domestic Garbage Landfill Pollution Control Standards (GB16889-2008) (Some pollutants)

No. Foulants Permeate Concentration No. Foulants Permeate Concentration 
1chrominance (dilution multiple)304SS(mg/L)30