Application of SURO membrane system in a fine chemical industry

Project introduction

     Some fine chemical industry is specialized in pearlescent pigment product research, development, production and sales. Municipal tap water is used as raw water in this factory, and multi-medium and activated carbon are used as pretreatment. The pre-treated produced water is then desalted by the reverse osmosis system, and the prepared pure water is transported to the water point by the transport pump.
      This item all uses our product series "SURO BW-8040FR" membrane element, has successfully replaced some import brand membrane element. Since the commissioning and operation of the reverse osmosis system in October 2019, the water output and quality are stable, fully meeting customers' water demand.

The process flow

Apply product and membrane component parameters

Model Output/Set Membrane Flux Recovery Rate System Rejection(%) Operating Pressure Array 
SURO BW-8040FR1200m³/d27.0LMH75%98.5%0.9-1.3MPa8:4(5 elements vessels)