Application of SURO membrane system in a steel plant

Project introduction

There are 4 reverse osmosis membrane systems in desalination station of a steel plant. The total output of the unit is 200m3 /h. The raw water goes through the physicochemical, biochemical system, then through the reverse osmosis system and mixed bed device. The project is entirely based on our product series "SURO BW-8040FR" membrane element. The system has been in operation since the beginning of December 2018, and both the water quality and the water yield of the system have met the requirements of customers.

The process flow

Apply product and membrane component parameters

Model Output/Set Membrane Flux Recovery Rate System Rejection(%) Operating Pressure Array 
SURO BW-8040FR1100m³/d27.0LMH75%98.5%0.7-0.9MPa6:3(6 elements vessels)