Extremely low voltage membrane element   
"SURO XLP-8040/4040"

· Introduction

The membrane element is made of polyamide composite membrane of extremely low pressure special type developed and produced by ourselves. It is suitable for desalting of raw water with salt concentration less than 1500mg/L. This type product has the characteristics of high rejection, low operating pressure and large membrane flux, and can be widely used in the desalination water treatment projects with municipal tap water and groundwater as raw water, such as direct drinking water, production water of food and beverage enterprises.

· Product specification
ModelEffective membrane area ft²(m²)Flux GPD
Stabilize Rejection
Minimum Rejection
SURO XLP-8040400(37.2)9000(34.0)98.598.0
SURO XLP-404085(7.9)2300(8.7)98.598.0

· Test conditions
Test liquidWater temperature (℃)pHOperating pressure psi(MPa)Recovery rate(%)
NaCl solution (500 ppm)25±27.5-8.0100(0.69)15±1

Notes:The permeate flow of single membrane element may vary with in±15%.

· Limit operating parameter
Maximum operating pressure600psi(4.14MPa)
Maximum inlet temperature45℃
Maximum inflow rate17.0m³/h(8040)、3.6m³/h(4040)
Maximum inflowSDI155.0
Maximum residual chlorine concentration0.1mg/L
pH range of inlet water in continuous operation2-11
PH range of inlet water during chemical cleaning1-13
Maximum transmembrane pressure difference for single membrane element15psi(0.1MPa)